JAIMS Developed Digital Strategy for the Honolulu Japanese Chamber

09 Jan 2017

Social Media Talks

JAIMS provides Social Media Strategy for the Honolulu Japanese Chamber

Team HJCC (Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce), comprised of Beibei Jian (China), Kensuke Aoki (Japan), and Masaharu Arita (Japan), developed a Social Media Strategy for the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce as part of their pro-bono business consulting project.




HJCC’s Challenges

HJCC came to JAIMS with two specific challenges: 1) The number of members is decreasing, and 2) The retention rate is decreasing. Similarly, HJCC would like to hit a milestone of 1000 members in the near future.

Through the efforts of HJCC President Wayne Ishihara and JAIMS Director Dr. Constancio Paranal III, the project “Social Media Talks” for the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce was developed. The project proposal developed by JAIMS’  students aims to address the aforementioned issues by:

  • Identifying and proposing social media applications that support marketing objectives,

  • Designing a strategy to include management and delivery to support the organization’s activities, and

  • Providing metrics of measurement to help the organization evaluate the success of each platform.


As part of the study, the group of JAIMS students analyzed what initiatives and activities are currently in place. In doing so, the group found out that HJCC has ample marketing activities and they are not in need of developing other non-media marketing approaches or campaigns. However, what the organization lacks froma marketing strategy is a strong virtual presence that would help in attracting and retaining members. In summary, the group observed the following:

  • Lack of social media presence,

  • Inability to communicate value to existing members, and

  • Lack of effective and immediate communication.


To meet the HJCC’s objectives, the group proposed a strategy to use social media platforms with the most active users and applicable to the demands of HJCC members. Given the demographic of the HJCC members, the group recommended using SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, and Messaging apps such as Line and Facebook messenger.



The group focused on HJCC’s digital assets, including website and facebook page and provided the following recommendations:


  • Change the cover photo that would depict the organization’s warm and friendly members,

  • Showcase members having fun during organization sponsored events,

  • Change the sign-up button which could make it easier for new members to sign-up, and

  • Add social media links on the website for promotion.


  • Tag members in the photo to keep them engaged,

  • Include videos of keynote speeches,

  • Invite comments and dialogue about chamber’s activities and make sure to respond to comments, and

  • Include links to provide more detailed and useful information and directs them to the website.

Furthermore, JAIMS’ students recommended different social media platforms depending on the objectives and/or goals pertinent to HJCC in the near future. According to the team, the overall spend to execute the project has minimal costs as most of the applications are free of charge. The major contributing expense is related to wages specifically for the person managing the social media for five hours a week.

Overall, team HJCC developed a framework  dubbed “5 Steps  to Success” for a period of 6 months to help achieve the organization’s goals. The whole tenet behind the framework is that “Good Circulation generates more Values.”

JAIMS is always grateful to work with HJCC and help the organization provide value to its members and the community. According to Dr. Paranal, “We are thankful to HJCC, specifically Mr. Wayne Ishihara, for giving our students the opportunity to work on this project. HJCC has always been supportive of our programs and it is our goal, through this project, to share our commitment to the development of the organizations and the long-standing relationship between the two institutions.”


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