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If you would like to be a liaison and/or would like to be contacted by the liaison in your area about alumni events, please contact JAIMS at The strength of JAIMS lies in the hands of our alumni. We look forward to working with you.

Alumni Liaisons by Region (update is as of October 17, 2016)
Kien Thanh Nguyen (EWKLP2008F)
Yew Onn Marcus Wong (EWKLP2009S)




Margaret Rose Canobis (ICMP1998S)
Xavier Li (ICMP1998S)
Mika Sakamoto (ICMP 1998S)
Yumika Kazuyo Yoshida (ICMP 1998S)
Hong Kong
Chak Shing Alfred Chow (CHEMBA2001-2002)
Nitin Bharara (ICMP2006F)



Tokyo, Japan
Kazuhiro Arai (ICMP1998S)
Brian Schwab (JEMBA 2009-2011)
Paul Shiraga (JEMBA 2009-2011)
Kaori Tomita (EWKLP 2012F)
Kesson Yamamoto (JEMBA 2009-2011)
Kang Suh Lee (JEMBA2002-2003)


New Zealand
Warren McNabb (JEMBA1995-1996)



Azamat Kumykov (JEMBA2001-2002)
Janya Chanchaichujit (EWKLP2009F)
United Kingdom





(May 2010)
The JAIMS Alumni Association, known as the JAIMS BOND, is established in the spirit of global identity and the creation of a global network. An alumnus who is a graduate of the AMP, JMP, ICMP, JEMBA, CHEMBA, or EWKLP; a participant of a JAIMS short-term seminar or workshop; a current or former member of the JAIMS staff in Hawaii and the JAIMS Promotion Division (JPD) in Tokyo; or any person recommended by JAIMS to be an honorary member are considered members of the JAIMS BOND. It is desirable that the JAIMS BOND consists of regional and/or academic class chapters that are organized throughout the world and registered with JAIMS in Hawaii. 
The purpose of the JAIMS BOND is to establish a global network of JAIMS alumni and staff. This global linking is intended to enhance camaraderie, loyalty, and relationships among JAIMS alumni and staff. In addition, JAIMS hopes that the Association will commit to helping to advance the vision and mission of JAIMS.   
Two or more JAIMS alumni of an academic class or classes (e.g., ICMP-97S or JEMBA 2) or regional location (e.g., JAIMS Bond-Tokyo, Osaka, or Hawaii) can establish and register their chapter with JAIMS by letter. No fees will be charged for registration.  An alumnus/alumna may be a member of more than one chapter or choose to remain as an individual member. The master alumni database is maintained by JAIMS. 
Chapter Responsibilities
Each chapter shall be self-sustaining with its own unique identity.  Chapter responsibilities can include: 
  1. Officers.  A chapter may designate its own officers and determine their titles, terms of office, and term renewal. A chapter representative should be designated who will serve as the liaison with JAIMS.  His/her name will be listed in the Global Horizons and on the JAIMS website.
  2. Membership list. Each chapter should encourage its members to keep their data current.  
  3. Chapter name. Each chapter may choose its own name as long as it is identifiable with JAIMS, and may use that name on a JAIMS letterhead. 
  4. Activities and meetings. Each chapter is encouraged to hold at least one gathering per calendar year and keep JAIMS informed of chapter activities/meetings. The chapter assumes all responsibility for chapter activities and events, except for alumni activities or events sponsored directly by JAIMS or JPD. Members may invite guests to chapter events and allow alumni from other chapters to participate when traveling in your area.
  5. Support from JAIMS. Each chapter may receive reasonable administrative and programmatic support from JAIMS on an activity-by-activity basis.
  6. Dues. Each chapter may decide how it will charge its members to defray expenses for its activities/meetings. If a chapter account is established, a treasurer will be designated to maintain accountability for the fiscal integrity of the chapter. 
  7. Global Horizons: Each chapter is encouraged to contribute stories for the Global Horizons.
  8. Kaizen: Each chapter is welcome to recommend improvements to JAIMS.
Services and Programs
Services are provided and monitored by JAIMS with an understanding that each member requires full protection of the rights of privacy and confidentiality of information. The services and programs are: 
  1. Access to alumni E-mail lists sorted by class or program and use of an E-mail forwarding service on a need-to-know basis.
  2. Use of JAIMS family listserv for networking.
  3. Free subscription to Fujitsu-JAIMS Ohana newsletter that includes an alumni news sectionand use of the related form to make suggestions and provide member information.
  4. Invitations to special activities hosted by JAIMS or other JAIMS BOND chapters.
  5. Access to JAIMS facility including use of PC, eLearning Center resources, etc.
  6. Referral to employment and career development agencies by JAIMS.
  7. Use of the JAIMS online job postings bulletin board.
Alumni Database
It is imperative that alumni contact information be updated as changes occur in order for JAIMS to stay connected with alumni. Individuals may update their information by themselves or by contacting JAIMS ( 


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